(SKP IDI) Symposium & Workshop *”Hollistic Approach and Current Chalanges of Vascular Problem”

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh. Selamat siang rekan sejawat, kami atas nama panitia *LOVE: Solo Vascular and Endovascular* dengan bangga mempersembahkan : *”Hollistic Approach and Current Chalanges of Vascular Problem”* Hari/Tanggal Update New Date : Sabtu – Minggu, 26 – 27 Agustus 2023 Venue: University of Sebelas Maret Hospital 📝 Alur Pendaftaran 1. Melakukan pendaftaran melalui CP dr. Rifqi Nuriy: 081225864904 Atau melalui Website : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1ifLYcbMqTUROkkfK2Hfrs40tjF3apcbUl7EGr50zeFyJ8Q/viewform 2. Melakukan pembayaran sesuai kegiatan yang diikuti dengan cara transfer ke Bank Jateng a/n HBTKVI CABANG SOLO nomor rekening 2002181650 dan upload bukti pembayaran ke CP atau Email : —— 💡 SYMPOSIUM 📍The History, Now & the Future of Vascular Health Services In Indonesia 📍 Omnibus law in Medicine. How to Response and Anticipate for Common Progress 📍 Minimally Invasive Procedure in Vascular Health Service. Between Grey Area, Claim of Competence & Complication Issue. 📍 Acute Limb Ischemia. Endovascular versus Open Thromboembolectomy. 📍 Early endovascular approach in Critical Chronic Limb Ischemia for lowering level of Amputation. 📍 Deep Vein Thrombosis. The Prevention & the treatment. 📍 Various Type of Stop Bleeding & Resusitation Management – Controversy. 📍 Guideline in Vascular managemant in combine trauma. Unstable Hemodinamyc in Pelvic Facture and its Management. 📍 Decision in Limb Salvage or Primary Amputation due to Trauma. 📍 Lower limb edema caused by Chronic Vein Insufficience and Its management. 📍The development of minimally invasive Endovenous Ablation. Comparison between thermal ablation (Laser, RF) & Glue Occlution. 📍The Role of Open Surgery for Varicose Vein. 📍 Diabetic control and Early Detection of Foot Problem to Prevent Amputation. 📍 Endovascular management to support Free Amputation Campaign in Chronic Diabetic Angiopathy. 📍 The Type and Art of Amputation in DFU. How to prevent dehiscence? 📍 How to differentiate & to manage of Ulcer caused by Arterial, Vein and Lymphatic diseases. 📍 Does Modern dressing and gel improve wound healing? 📍 NPWT & Ultrasound mechanical debridement. Is it useful? 📍 Embolization for bridging treatment and palliative purpose in Cancer Management. 📍 The Role of Endovascular Surgery in Erectile Dysfunction. 📍 EVAR. the Development of technology & operation technique. 📍 True aneurysm and pseudo aneurysm in peripheral artery. What should we know? 📍 The Role of Heart lung Machine in Aortic Arch Replacement & Complex Cases. 📍 Erectile Dysfunction from Urology’s Point of View 💡 WORKSHOP – Workshop A (Wound Care I & Simple Arterial USG) – Workshop B (Wound Care II & Bleeding Management) – Workshop C (Venous) – Workshop D (Vascular Anastomosis) – Workshop E (Cadaver, Thoracic Part) – Workshop F (Peripheral Endovascular) – Workshop G (Cadaver, Abdominal Part) Biaya Pendaftaran Offline – Early bird 💡Simposium only Medical Student Rp 350.000,- GP/Resident Rp 500.000,- Spesialist Rp 1.250.000,- 💡Simposium & Workshop Medical Student Rp 700.000,- GP/Resident Rp 1.000.000,- Spesialist Rp 2.500.000,- Offline – Late bird 💡Simposium only Medical Student Rp 500.000,- GP/Resident Rp 700.000,- Spesialist Rp 1.750.000,- 💡Simposium & Workshop Medical Student Rp 1.000.000,- GP/Resident Rp 1.500.000,- Spesialist Rp 3.500.000,- Offline – On site 💡Simposium only Medical Student Rp 600.000,- GP/Resident Rp 1.000.000,- Spesialist Rp 2.000.000,- 💡Simposium & Workshop Medical Student Rp 1.200.000,- GP/Resident Rp 2.700.000,- Spesialist Rp 4.000.000,- Online – Early bird 💡Simposium only Medical Student Rp 200.000,- GP/Resident Rp 300.000,- Spesialist Rp 750.000,- 💡Simposium & Workshop (Offline) Medical Student Rp 500.000,- GP/Resident Rp 800.000,- Spesialist Rp 2.000.000,- Online – Late bird 💡Simposium only Medical Student Rp 300.000,- GP/Resident Rp 400.000,- Spesialist Rp 1.250.000,- 💡Simposium & Workshop (Offline) Medical Student Rp 800.000,- GP/Resident Rp 1.250.000,- Spesialist Rp 3.000.000,-

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